Don’t Let These Common Education Myths Undermine Your Child’s Education!

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It is quite likely that some information in this FREE report will surprise you. In fact, you may learn that some of the most pervasive educational practices are 180 degrees opposite from best educational practices! It’s no wonder students aren’t learning what they used to! But don’t take my word for it: You can check out every one of my sources and reach your own conclusions.

In this FREE report, you’ll learn how to avoid being impacted by educational myths that may:

  • Cause difficulties with reading comprehension
  • Cause poor eyesight and eye health
  • Reduce your child’s motivation to read
  • Reduce your child’s excitement about learning
  • Contribute to health problems
  • Hamper brain development
  • Contribute to behavior problems including ADD

In addition, children have developmental opportunities, at every stage, for unfolding their full capacities easily and fully. When these developmental opportunities are missed, it may be very difficult to fully compensate for it later. These same education myths may cause your child to miss opportunities for enhancing or developing:

  • academic achievement
  • excitement about reading
  • creativity and flexible thinking
  • ability to focus and concentrate
  • imagination
  • learning skills
  • excitement about learning
  • neural passageways and brain development important for learning
  • age-appropriate motor skills
  • ability to take initiative
  • positive interaction skills
  • empathy
  • moral development

Just like you, I’m a parent wanting to make the best educational choices for my child. Considering that high school graduates in this country know less and less with each generation, I’m not going to accept the conventional “wisdom” about how children learn best. I’m not going to sit around and wait until the struggling schools figure out what to do–I’m going to make the best choices I can for my child, right now. And so can you….

In addition to considerations for choosing a school for your child, in our FREE REPORT, you’ll learn WHAT YOU CAN DO FROM HOME to support your child’s learning, regardless of what school your child attends.